Why the pigeon?

Many people have asked us, “why the pigeon?” “What does it mean?” We often take pause, and fumble over our words when we finally speak. Not because we don’t know, but because it takes more than a few seconds to explain. The meaning of our pigeon mascot isn’t something superficial, it’s visceral.

On the surface, a pigeon may seem like an unexpected selection. If you’re going to choose something in the wild to represent your lifestyle brand, why not choose something a little more beautiful, or strong, or exotic? Lions, tigers and bears right?

Not from our perspective. You see, we were raised in the working class. Stories rang in our ears of elders digging foundations with shovels, laying bricks, side work that lasts all night, starting small businesses, successes, failures, and the everyday fight. Even more so, tales of sports triumphs and war casualties instilled in us some sort of value in hard work and humility. There’s no glamor in the stories we speak of, just pure New England grit.

Now, about that pigeon. With a puffed out chest, wings to rise up, humble shades of gray, and a mean looking beak, our pigeon has just the right amount of scrappiness, resilience and humility it needs to represent our beloved working class lifestyle brand.

The Logo Crest T in ash gray.   Shop now

The Logo Crest T in ash gray.  Shop now