“Big Lou,” they called him. My grandfather stood a whopping 5’ 9” tall, and weighed 155lbs. For an unknown stretch of time after the war, Big Lou would find work as a mason. It’s been said that he would dig foundations by hand and could lop a brick clean in half with one swing. By every account he was regarded as “tough” and “a hard worker.” Even in his old age you could find him building a stone wall, or capping off a chimney for a family member. He had that legendary “no quit” attitude that his generation had become so well known for–an attitude I felt was worth building a brand around. 

I was raised in a good, hard-working family just outside of Boston. So, stories like these were what us kids grew up on. Regardless of whether or not Big Lou’s stories were exaggerated, they provided the spark I needed. After countless late nights, trashed ideas, and a few mistakes, a company was born.

High Gray is a modern day manifestation of the integrity and toughness inspired by our collective pasts. Visual references of tried & true hard work, the glory days of sport, and the fighting spirit of our American heritage gives each piece a classic look that tells a story. Kind of like the stories about Big Lou. 

Why A Pigeon?

Equally admired and despised throughout history, pigeons have survived and adapted, much like those that immigrated here and worked their asses off in pursuit of the American Dream. So, with a puffed out chest, wings to rise up, and a mean looking beak, our pigeon has just the right amount of scrappiness, resilience and humility it needs to represent our beloved working class lifestyle brand.

Designed In Boston, Made in USA

We call Boston home, and we choose to represent it with the same values and message that inspired us in the first place; pure New England grit.

We believe USA-made is the only option. The decision to leverage manufacturing capabilities here at home was a no-brainer for us, because that means every dollar we spend goes into the pockets of another hard working American family. It’s that simple.

Follow us as we grow into cut & sew items and accessories.